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Returning to their roots

The Coca-Cola company unveiled a new marketing slogan for their flagship product today. The company now invites consumers to:

For those not familiar with the origins of Coca-Cola, a brief history lesson: when first put out on the market in 1885 it was named for it's two key "medicinal" ingredients - extracts of coca leaves and kola nuts. Coca leaf extract is more commonly known as cocaine, which was utilized in at least some measurement until 1929.

It seems this slogan is geared to bring people back to the humble origins of Coke. We here at Addled Brain fully applaud this retro effort - but retro 80's is one thing - retro 1880's is another entirely. The memorabilia market for the 1880's is not quite the same (although, I'm waiting for VH1's I Love the 1880's, which should be out as soon as they quit strip-mining the decades after for content to feed to the mostly-slightly-famous). Which is why I think you can refer to the golden days of Coke the drink, while also utilizing the golden age of Coke the narcotic. In an effort to help the Coca-Cola company toward this goal, I offer this print ad as just a sample of what this approach might bring in terms of public interest.

Man, I need some Coke right now just looking at this ad. A bump should get me through the next hour.

Back To Life. Back To Re-al-ity.

Hope everyone had a very Merry/Happy/Pleasant/Equitable/Carnage-free/non-soluble whatever-the-hell-you-do-or-do-not-celebrate over the last week or so. It's been an interesting couple of weeks on this end of the world. Lots of driving to see family members, lots of gifts to give and receive (with still more to receive, apparently. I have a new slogan for FedEx Ground: We put the Delayed in Delayed Gratification.), but despite all this, things went well. New Year's weekend went fairly well. We recieved a couple of out of town visitors (including this one), and proceeded to watch movies and trade infectious diseases with one another.

Oh, come on people. We had colds

This issue of diseases prevented our visitors from accompanying Teh One and myself to the BNL NYE extravaganza. (Which may or may not have been to their detriment - it was a great show, but it's hard to attend a rock concert with a fever of 100. So I'm told.)

There's more to tell - a LOT more, actually. But I'm not about to jinx anything by talking about something that may or may not actually happen here. (Like that's ever happened before. Oh, wait.)