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Hello, my name is Howard Hughes

Luckily for you, I do NOT have any jars of urine saved up for you. Or, maybe that’s something you were hoping for - in which case, I apologise for disappointing you. But the world isn’t all about you, now is it? Thanks for being selfish.

Three months since I’ve last posted - you’d think I had nothing to say. The funny thing is, there’s really a whole lot to talk about lately. Good things. Wonderful things. But finding my voice for them has been difficult. So, rather than prattle on with posts that have no substance or meaning for me, I let things linger. The poor monkey was developing cobwebs - and that’s pretty amazing considering he exists as a series of 1s and 0s on a server in the wilds of the cyber, which doesn’t even exist in the terms that you and I do. Unless you happen to be an existentialist, then they might actually be more real than you or I. But the world isn’t all about you, you know.

Is this a full return for me? Just a passing post with another three month abscense? Or something inbetween? I’m not really sure. I want it to be a big return. But I also want a pony. No, wait, that’s someone else. Reading all these other bloggers leaves me confused. Vilmar wants me to hate Muslims and Liberals, Michael Hussey wants me to hate Conservatives and Sticks of Fire, and Kate wants me to…well, I’m not sure what she wants me to do. I believe the words great rack might come into play here. Perhaps tonsil hockey does as well. Or maybe it’s just vote for Jim Davis. I just don’t know.

At any rate, I’m alive and happy. With any luck, y’all will get to learn how happy. And that might not even involve nudity, either.

They’re planning a “Girls of the Oval Office” set next

I love the dollar coin. They’re convenient, fantastic for toll roads, and I get to feel like every day is a trip to the arcade when I have a pocket full of them. I used to request them when I got change from toll booth operators, back when I lived in Houston.

So I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me happy. New dollar coins for at least nine years! Ten, if one more of our currently living presidents kicks the bucket between now and then. I don’t want them for collecting, nor do I honestly find the subject matter for the “heads” particularly interesting. But a matching, 24-karat gold set of presidential spouses? Now we’re talking, my friends. Maybe if they got Gil Elvgren to do the art. Mmm…Eleanor Roosevelt pin-up…

So what if he’s dead? If rappers can come out with albums for years after they bite it, why can’t artists have new works of art?